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Tran Phu
Nha Trang Beach


Friendly people, sunshine, long beaches with palm trees, delicious food - Nha Trang in Vietnam offers all of that and much more. Nha Trang is an excellent alternative for long-term visitors or to spend the winter there.


The clean sea and the 4 miles well-kept beach with white sand are fantastic. The climate is agreeable during every season of the year also for Europeans, as the sea brings a cool breeze even in times of sunshine and high temperatures. In winter, temperatures vary from 25°C to 28°C during the day and from 18°C to 21°C at night. In summer, temperatures don’t normally exceed 34°C during the day and don’t drop below 24°C at night.


Nha Trang beach

The people are very friendly and everything is much cheaper than in Europe and USA.

(Prices in Vietnam)

Sunbeds with an umbrella at the clean beach with white sand and an additional access to the pools cost approx. 3 USD per day.


VIP sunbeds at the most beautiful places, additionally equipped with large bath towels and WiFi, are available for 5 USD only.

Nha Trang Central Park

Many hot mineral springs are located near the town. That’s the reason why three different resorts offer mud baths and mineral baths.


Starting at a price of 12 USD per day one can take a bath in the mud and in the pools with mineral water.


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People who prefer active holidays can make use of the wide variety of offers for diving. You can also book boat trips to the many islands off the coast or excursions into the surrounding area.


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